About - Catapult Creative

What we believe in:

  • Always ask why (and have an answer)
  • Slow growth is the key to sustainability
  • Creative should be strategic. Strategy should be creative. 
  • Martinis should be made with vodka. 
  • Good things happen to those who wait, but also those who plan. 
  • Adopt, don’t shop.


A connection-focused storyteller with quick wit and an obsession with user experience. 

With a background working directly for brands to build their personalities both online and off, this word witch aims to create thoughtful & lasting relationships between clients and their audiences.


A man with a plan and the creative chops to embrace thinking outside the proverbial box. 

With his tenure in the agency world working his way up the ranks to Creative Director, this jack of all trades knows that beauty and function working in unison is unstoppable.

Meet The Catapult Club! Our thoughtfully curated network of freelancers and consultants are the best at what they do & allow us to build custom teams to meet your specific needs. Need a Shopify site with targeted Instagram ads? We have the team. Looking for a new brand identity and content strategy? We have just the right people.