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The flower industry has always been a real wild one to us. You spend an incredible amount of money, have no idea where your flowers are coming from, and aren’t even sure if the arrangement you selected on the website is what will be delivered to the recipient. And flowers are fun to get but we can all be honest that sometimes they are a lot more “oh that’s nice” instead of “wow, that’s beautiful”.

Enter Farmgirl Flowers – a small female-led business that is inspired, honest, and delivers STUNNING products to people who need or deserve a bit of love all across the country.

If you want more info and aren’t already scrolling their website, we are happy to supply it. How do they knock it out of the park as a brand?

Customer Experience

Very genuinely, it is almost as much fun to send flowers through Farmgirl as it is to receive them. They make it easy and have thought through their customer journey in detail, so the experience is seamless and you not only have trust that all will be well when you hit the “buy” button, but you also feel like you’re being looked after really well. Their customer service is fast and effective because they know that working with perishable items needs to be not only reactive but also proactive in some cases (more on that in a bit).


They nail branding. NAIL IT. From their social media to their website to the beyond thoughtful packaging, Farmgirl Flowers makes everything their brand touches a delight. (Seriously though, there is even a cutie instruction card in their deliveries on how to take the perfect Instagram photo with your flowers.)


Farmgirl knows all of their vendors personally and manage all arranging on their own premises, so you don’t wonder where your flowers or final product are coming from. San Francisco – they made the arrangement in San Francisco. And then they rushed it to you because you’re important and they’ll make sure you know that. Their florals are fully seasonal to be the best product possible and they are always straight-up stunning.

It probably isn’t any surprise that when the pandemic hit, flower sales didn’t exactly ramp up or even stay the same. So what did Farmgirl Flowers do? They responded in the best possible way and made us love them even more.

Honesty in Pandemic Response

The founder of Farmgirl Flowers jumped in front of the camera when the pandemic hit and spoke to the community they have fostered with pure honesty and transparency. She had posted a photo of a massive pile of flowers from one of their partner farms that made huge waves in the news – this was the reality of the shut down, she explained. Livelihoods were at risk in these producer communities and so was the flower business she worked so hard to build.

The team worked hard with a partner in South America to continue to serve the community (which is no small feat when even sending perishable items across the country is hard, let alone from another country entirely). They made sure their farm partners and employees were taken care of to the very best of their ability. They kept reminding us “this is temporary, this is a moment, we will all prevail”. We got videos of how to arrange flowers at home and raw updates that things aren’t rosy but they were all working really hard to do their very best.

It was a commendable response that was “us” and not “me”. Which, when faced with hardship, is one of the first things to shift in a crisis.

Customer First

This one is going to be more personal because that’s exactly what it was. I sent flowers twice when things were at fever pitch during the shut downs – to my aunt when we suddenly lost my uncle to cancer right as we had all gone into lockdown and then to my momma for Mother’s Day.

And Mother’s Day is where things went a little pear-shaped with a delay getting my mom’s arrangement to her not only on time but without getting delayed anywhere. And delayed it got…in Nashville…on a plane that was rerouted to deliver PPE supplies. Tracking information seemed delayed for me and I was starting to worry. Before I could even get an email out to the customer team at Farmgirl, they had one out to me – telling me exactly what the delay was and letting me know that the California team had put together a new arrangement and it was being overnighted to my mom.

I was so touched by this effort that I sent a note via a DM on Instagram to them. And the owner responded thanking me for letting her know because it means a lot to have the support and the positivity has helped so much through such a challenging time. What she followed up with got me even more, though. She then offered her condolences on my uncle. Flowers I had sent a couple months prior, knowing what they were for and making sure that I knew as a customer that every order is personal.

Reactive, proactive, and so kind.

Get Sh*t Done Mentality

And to round out this borderline aggressive love letter, Farmgirl Flowers got sh*t done during a time that it would have been easier to close the doors, bury heads, and wait for it to be over. They got creative, honest, and took their personal touch to the next level. It was inspiring to see the hustle and be reminded that we are all fighting.

If you’ve made it this far, we are proud of you. This was a heavy hitter.
Now, go buy someone you love some flowers (even if they are for you).


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