Brand Feature: Kum & Go - Catapult Creative


Kum & Go. 

Yup, you are reading that correctly. As our first ever Brand Feature, where we highlight companies who are kicking ass for both general and/or specific reasons, we wanted to talk about this dark horse of a “convenience retailer”. 

We don’t mind if you want to lie about never getting the giggles when you see their sign on a road trip, and we are sure they don’t mind either. They know the joke and they don’t shy away from it. Nor do they shy away from their unexpectedly progressive values and initiatives.

When you visit a Kum & Go location or even their website, we would dare say it is helpful and informative. Nothing will strike you as out of the ordinary, though you may leave thinking “that was a pretty thoughtful, comfortable place for a gas station convenience store”. Where Kum & Go knock it out of the park is on their social media (and whoever it is they hired to run it – you’re killing it, you deserve a raise, we love you). 

Posts like “If you love someone, let them Kum & Go” and “Anyone else getting tired of all the air in their bags of chips?” are solid. But it is the unapologetic nature of standing up for what they believe in that makes us look at them like the delightfully loud-mouthed millennial family member of Ben & Jerry’s.

Want some examples? DON’T WORRY, WE HAVE THEM.

  • Pandemic Response – In no uncertain terms, Kum & Go told people to stay home, wear masks, wash their hands, and to not be dumb. Sometimes with humor, sometimes just a straight shot. They also shared tips on how to stay safe, health initiatives they were implementing to help keep YOU safe, and also raised pay, gave bonuses, and supplied free meals to their associates. Like f**king badasses.

  • LGBTQ Initiatives – Previously unbeknownst to us, Kum & Go usually sponsors events and education for their team and the world at large during Pride Month. This year, they wanted to show up for the community while also not taking weight away from the Black Lives Matter movement. Kum & Go dedicated money from their regular Pride Month merch designs and promos, and donated it to Black Trans Support initiatives. It was thoughtful and powerful and all the other wonderful words that exist.

  • Black Lives Matter Support – Kum & Go put out very genuine, powerful statements, slowed their social media to make room for other voices, proactively pushed followers to follow credible journalists and look after each other, set-up dedications to lives lost at their locations, and REALLY went off when they saw their social media getting hit with its fair share of negative comments. They let people know that they are either with them or not, and if not, they were no longer invited to be a part of their community. That’s what we call “standing ground on the right side of history”.

Do yourself a favor and go follow Kum & Go on social media. And also make sure to support them in real-life, too. Companies like them should be rewarded for their awesome work, especially if the service they provide is just as good. Which it is. 

Thanks, we love you, bye!