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This story has everything you could ask for – hardship, triumphs, creativity, sprinkles.

When COVID-19 forced the closure of the service industry, Denver couple Gabrielle and Michael found themselves caught in the fray, suddenly without jobs and full of uncertainty. Gabrielle, a trained pastry chef, and Michael, an expert coffee roaster, not only leaned into a pivot…they kicked the f**king door down on it.

Welcome to the world, Pandemic Donuts!

That’s right. They started a freakin’ donut hustle. And guess what…the greater Denver area freaked out about it because it’s cool and adorable and delicious and smart and beautiful and everything we all need to keep us moving through this dumpster fire that is 2020. So here, specifically, are why we at Catapult are inspired:

Great Response to a Sh*tty Situation

“When life gives you lemons, make donuts” may not roll off the tongue but it is pretty awesome in practice. People are home and donuts make the world a better place, so the plan was “make donuts, offer local delivery, absolutely nail it” and it worked. I mean, we weren’t there, we don’t know Gabrielle and Michael (though we want to…if you can hear us, wanna have some Zoom cocktails with us?), but this reads as a classic case of “mind over matter, let’s make things work”.

And take it directly from us, though this pandemic has made it really uncomfortable to champion our current successes and happiness, it has forced so many people (our team included) to pivot and shift into something that ends up being what we probably should have been doing the whole time.

Processes Nailed

We are suckers for a great customer experience and streamlined processes (even as creatives) and while we are sure that it took an incredible amount of work to plan this all out, we love Pandemic Donuts’ response to smart creation and delivery of their product.

Step #1 – They only sell their donuts Wednesday – Sunday AND you have to pre-order online. At the start of each week, they release what each days flavors will be and you can order a half or full dozen.

Step #2 – Don’t let people get fancy because they honestly don’t need to. The flavors for that day are the flavors for that day. And when you make an order, each order is an assortment of said flavors. You can’t cherry pick or special request. You get what you get and we promise you’ll be happy.

Step #3 – Make delivery simple and easy. If you live in Denver, you can get these puppies delivered to your front door. Alternatively, when you order, you can select one of the cool coffee shop (or bar) partner locations where your order will be waiting for you on the day. Bonus – if you didn’t pre-order, these locations will have extras for purchase.


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