Brand Feature: Youth to the People - Catapult Creative


If you’re looking for an incredible clean skincare line that also educates you on gerrymandering, Youth to the People is for you. All jokes aside, this brand’s product kicks ass and so does all their social, environmental, human justice work.

One the surface, this is a skincare brand that prides itself in beautiful products that blend superfoods and science, while advocating skincare for all – all genders, all skin types, all skin tones. And at its core, this brand’s mission has been broken down into three surprising pillars – social justice, environment, and community.

The truth is, as soon as I started writing this, it was hard to want to do anything other than share Youth to the People’s public facing ethos when wanting to outline why we love this brand so much. But “we love this brand, here is a link to their website” felt a little less illustrative than we try to be in these features. In a nutshell, they announce it is their commitment to “reach for a higher standard”. They focus on ingredients that do good, knowing as a consumer brand that they have a responsibility to the world and its environment, and that it is not enough to support good causes but to create them.

The Product

Created by third-generation skincare experts, the Youth to the People products take everything we know about what is good for us, and what isn’t, and bottles up the beautiful parts. It’s got none of the “nasties”, vegan, not tested on animals, and even their packaging is made from recycled (and recyclable) materials. When the brand launched, they cleverly did so with just three core products, and though they have expanded since then, it has been thoughtful and calculated.

Their branding is clean and cool. And sometimes that can be a cover for a mediocre product (make it Instagrammable and job done) but that isn’t the case here. The products are beautiful and effective. *Adds 8 items to cart*

The Purpose

On the Youth to the People homepage right now, you’ll land on information about their eye cream, very quickly followed by a large amount of real estate dedicated to getting people out to vote. That is their balance – equal parts business and movement. And their social media reflects this, too. It is diverse, educational, and personal. They are nailing it.

With the world at such a crossroads in so many ways, the longevity of a brand truly rests in the idea of being the change you want to see. For Youth to the People, these strides come in the form of a product that leads the charge in clean beauty, along with the unapologetic politics that come along with that.

“True beauty is in unity”, reads the Youth to the People ethos…ya damn right, it is.